About WSWE

WSWE … is really all about you!

WSWE is an effective and valued business resource for women business entrepreneurs because we are committed to helping each and every member achieve their greatest success. Our programs are driven by the needs and requests of members. They help to nurture meaningful relationships among women business owners; relationships that fuel both professional and personal growth. We focus on serving the needs of women in Chicago’s western suburbs because our members value their time and appreciate the convenience of local meetings and networking. Our members, based in suburbs that span Oak Park, Oak Brook, Lombard and Naperville, to name a few, are business owners who are just getting started as well as seasoned entrepreneurs with years of experience.

Members have the opportunity to be on the Board of Directors.

WSWE Vision

West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs leads the western suburbs as the premier educational and networking organization for women seeking to better their businesses and their communities.

WSWE Beginnings

WSWE was formed in the fall of 2002 by three west suburban business women—Linda CalabreseSusie Duboe-Bryant and Sharon Keogh —who were members of the Network of Women Entrepreneurs group that meets at the East Bank Club in downtown Chicago. Their goal was to create a similar association of business owners that would serve the needs of women entrepreneurs based in Chicago’s western suburbs. WSWE was launched in February of 2003 and enjoys serving the needs of an ever-growing membership.

WSWE Highlights

WSWE provides guidance, support and resources for our members. We offer the means to develop relationships that become a critical source of support and inspiration – and lead to new business opportunities. It is a unique forum for continuous learning that can help each member grow professionally and personally. WSWE is also a source of business referrals and professional connections that can benefit each member’s business. WSWE can enhance your business and your bottom line.

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